West Broad Village

West Broad Village is a 115-acre mixed-use development located at West Broad Street and I-64 in western Henrico County, Virginia. The development combines residential, retail, office, hotel, and recreational uses all within a walkable community. HG was retained by the developer during rezoning to work with the architect in developing an open space plan, conceptual park design, and landscape standards for streetscapes and screening. We prepared a comprehensive open space plan and conceptual designs for the main street park, community clubhouse and pool area, residential courtyards, and the linear park. The village buildings and open spaces connect through the urban streetscape network. Combining conceptual plans, images, and textual descriptions, the project team generated detailed design standards for the rezoning submittal.
Henrico, VA
Markel Eagle
Antunovich Associates Architects & Planners
Start: 2004
Completion: 2015