Virginia Historical Society

A $38 million fundraising campaign allowed the museum to present a friendlier face on the Boulevard, have a more prominent main entrance from its parking area, and tell a more compelling story of the museum.  The focus was not on additional space, but making smarter use of the existing space.

HG's Master Plan integrates the goal of easier, open access to all entrances with the museum's architectural design.  The columned front doorway and lobby has been described as intimidating by patrons, so the challenge for HG was to design the site with classical elements and a pedestrian friendly gateway.

At the main entrance, we designed a gracious lawn and planting beds to replace existing pavement, and the additional green space creates a connection to the adjacent Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Through our design we achieved our client's vision of providing a welcoming exterior environment.
Richmond, VA
Virginia Historical Society
Start: 2012
Completion: 2015
Landscape Architecture
David Gerstenmaier, PLA