West Rock
(formerly MeadWestVaco)

MeadWestVaco (now WestRock) – Corporate Headquarters, Richmond VA As one of only three buildings in the United States to receive the highest Green Globes rating of four globes from the Green Building Initiative, the MeadWestVaco headquarters building at Foundry Park reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability. The project includes sustainable landscape strategies such as intensive and extensive vegetative roofs, drip irrigation, native plants, and light colored paving. The design team was faced with the challenge of creating an entrance plaza on top of the underground parking structure. The solution was to reduce the amount of hardscape by introducing intensive and semi intensive vegetative roof gardens. These roof gardens continue onto the roof terrace where an extensive vegetative roof is the foreground for panoramic views of the James River. The building sits on a site that slopes more than thirty feet towards the river. The landscape architects worked closely with the architect to create parallel stairs inside and outside the building that lead from the lobby level to the cafeteria and dining terrace and then down to the fitness center at street level. The dining terrace is terraced into the hillside with stone walls that are partially constructed of stone that was salvaged from the site. The curved edges are in contrast to the straight lines of the building and are a reminder of the Kanawha canal which used to cross a portion of the site. The hillside is planted with a mix of native plants including Switchgrass, River Birch, Sycamores, Serviceberry and Dogwood.
Richmond, VA
New Market Corporation
Start: 2000
Completion: 2006