Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

For the rose garden area at the botanical garden, our client wanted a place not just to showcase dozens of varieties of roses, but a pleasant, quiet path with plenty of restful seating where visitors to the garden can rest and enjoy the beauty of the gardens and the views of the lake beyond. HG, having done the original master plan, was retained by Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the Rose Garden, a daily attraction for visitors, and is also the perfect location for social gatherings, weddings, and musical events. The Botanical Garden took this opportunity to fine tune this major garden feature and greatly improve and expand the rose garden plantings as well. Design challenges included redesign of the paving material to improve safety and maintainability while providing adequate space for events. Another challenge was in bringing purpose and a finished look to the turf hillside. HG designed a simple but elegant solution in the form of a terraced lawn which links the Central Garden and Conservatory to the Rose Garden and patio, with views of the lake beyond. We designed the drainage and grading to provide the well-drained soils preferred by roses, and to encourage the lawn to drain quickly after storm events.
Richmond, VA
Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
Start: 2006
Completion: 2008