Capital One West Creek Campus

HG currently holds the Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture Term Contract for this private client. Emphasis for recent projects was placed on collaborative outdoor green space, pedestrian connectivity and environmentally responsible campus features. Complex and sleek entry fountain and plaza design was vital to the clients desire to attract top talent, as well as views and connections to and from other buildings. Centrally located meadow and stormwater management combination provides most common vista from each building. Pedestrian bridge designed by HG that spans stormwater rain garden filtration system. Topography navigated with a series of steps and a ramp system designed by HG, as well as an intricate native plant plan to tie the campus into the surrounding natural area. Client project schedule required diligence and internal planning to devote proper resources and priority to design and construction, as well as knowledge based construction administration. Several Civil Engineer and Landscape Architecture projects are currently in various stages of design, including the following:

The Commons Outdoor Terrace: This project required high quality design and extensive construction administration. Dave worked directly with the client and Leo A. Daly, an architecture firm out of Nebraska, on this project.

The Den Renovation: HG collaborated with HLW architects out of New York City to incorporate a new entry access and building extension between campus Buildings 5 and 6. Both Civil and Landscape Architecture services were offered. HG ensured that a continuity of the campus design standards were incorporated into the renovation project. Thoughtful consideration of new bike and pedestrian circulation, planting design and utility reconfigurations were all part of the final design.

Town Center Refresh: An office campus facility expansion, HG worked with Gensler and their Schematic Design to deliver this project’s Design Development and CD’s for civil/landscape within one month’s turnaround. HG had to consider impact on existing utility ducts, grading and drainage, hardscape and landscape design.

West Creek Village: Seeking a rare LEED-NC certification for a private owner, HG is engaged in design and expansion of the site green space and amenities requiring integration with existing facilities, pedestrian connections, courtyard and garden, upper and lower patios, lighting, concrete ramp, retaining walls and metal handrails. HG partnered with the architecture firm SMBW with substantial design completion in February 2017.
Goochland County, VA
Start: 2011
Completion: Ongoing
Civil Engineering
Landscape Architecture
Charlene Harper, PE, PLA
David Gerstenmaier, PLA