Civil Engineering

It is rare to find a site design firm with both a strong landscape architectural and aesthetic influence combined with a skilled and knowledgeable civil engineering arm, and visa versa. HG Design Studio has successfully accomplished this blend of services, creating efficiencies in your project’s design and budget.

How do we manage to consistently and successfully compete against much larger civil engineering firms on many different types of projects? Smaller engineering firms have the benefit of being able to nimbly collaborate, make decisions and execute those decisions. You can pick up the phone and call the owners, and our attention is very focused on a narrower field of clients. As a result, HG has managed to pluck the best characteristics of both large and small firms by providing expert and customized service without the distraction of wider geographic and market expansion that tends to commoditize service.
 ▪ Civil Engineering
▪ Site Planning & Design
▪ Landscape Architecture
▪ Water Resources
▪ Stormwater Management Design
▪ Stormwater Master Plans
▪ Utility Design & Engineering
▪ Roadway & Parking Lot Design
▪ Campus Planning & Design
▪ Grading/Drainage Design & Engineering 
▪ Rainwater Harvesting Analysis & Design
▪ Athletic Field Planning & Design
▪ Stormwater Plan Review by DEQ Certified PE
▪ Sustainable Design & LEED™ Certification
▪ Parks & Recreation Design 
▪ Erosion Control & SWPPP Design
▪ Grant Funding Assistance
▪ Construction Documents
▪ Permitting & Regulatory Approvals
▪ Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling
▪ Urban & Infill Re-development
▪ K-12 Outdoor Learning