Trip Down Memory Lane: UR Chapel Garden

This is the first of a series of posts taking us on a “Trip Down Memory Lane,” revisiting some the projects we’ve completed in the past.

HG Design Studio completed designs for the University of Richmond to master plan the east side of Cannon Chapel. The space formerly served as an exterior access route from the alter end to the main entrance of the chapel. It also was and is home to “Peggy’s Garden,” a small paved area with stone benches placed in memory of Peggy Meadows, a dedicated and loved employee of the University.

A columbarium space, a worship garden and a formal gathering area for weddings, funerals and other special events were all identified as uses that were needed within close proximity to the Chapel. The space is enclosed by a curved 8 foot high brick wall with limestone caps carefully designed to match the Chapel’s architectural detail. The terraced wall provides the structure for each 8”x 8”x 12” niche and allows for planting above the niche cabinets. Approximately 3000 niches are provided throughout the garden. Both fixed bench seating around the fountain and scatter garden, and movable chairs randomly placed among the columbarium provide flexible seating for small groups. The open lawn area allows space for a more formal seating arrangement, which can be staged at the chapel door or at any perimeter location. The fountain and statuary provide a unique and special space for gatherings and is still “Peggy’s Garden” identified with a bronze and granite plaque memorializing those whose cremated remains have been interred within the scatter garden.