HG influencing “first impressions” at UR

HG Design Studio has the unique experience of influencing “first impressions” at the University of Richmond with the new Queally Admissions Center Building. What was previously a dumpsite is now a “front door” for prospective students.

A successful Admissions Center experience is essential for prospective students, as it becomes their initial exposure to the University of Richmond campus. This put a high emphasis on the exterior design aesthetics, with the goal of leaving a lasting impression on all of those who pass through these spaces.

“Our biggest challenge was the site chosen for this building,” said Dave Gerstenmaier, Partner at HG. “The building sits on one of the most sloped and rocky corners of the campus.” Design features included a retaining wall-lined sidewalk connection, sloped landscaped beds, and a beautiful courtyard flanked by a low but striking water fountain.

HG was able to echo the importance of the Queally Admissions Center building with designing distinct and memorable landscape elements and spaces.